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The Austin Chronicle, August 24, 2012

North Adams Transcript, May 26, 2012

The Boston Globe, May 9, 2012

The New York Times, Style, April 4 2012

The New York Times, Dining & Wine, April 3, 2012

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Mother Earth News

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Living Life: Hannah Style!

Martha Stewart Living, August 2010

Fresh Eggs Daily 

Sauce Magazine

The Salt Lake Tribune

Dr Laura

Pregnancy Magazine

What the Critics Say

…About The Fresh Egg Cookbook

The Fresh Egg Cookbook is a good fresh tribute to good fresh eggs.”
– Roy Blount Jr

“This is a lovely and eminently practical book to have handy on your kitchen shelf – chock-full of sensible and delicious ways to put fresh eggs to good use.  But beware: Once you’ve tasted a fresh egg, there’s no going back.  If you’ve ever even considered keeping your own chickens, The Fresh Egg Cookbook just might be the catalyst for buying the coop!”
– Danny Meyer of the Union Square Café

“Sculptural, earthy, and oh-so-versatile, fresh eggs have captured the imagination of Jennifer Trainer Thompson, who has written a timely and entertaining egg-centric cookbook.  She offers practical information about raising chickens (easy!) and her mouth watering recipes range from the simple to the sublime.”
– Vicky Lowry, Executive Editor of Elle Decor

…About Jennifer’s spicy foods cookbooks

“Finally, someone has written the perfect replacement for The Hot Sauce Bible.  Good job, Jennifer; Hot Sauce is highly recommended.”
– Dave DeWitt

“When the Smithsonian does an exhibition on hot sauces in America, let’s hope the curator is Jennifer Trainer Thompson.  She’s the author, traveler, chef, shiitake-farmer and hot sauce creator who set it all in motion….she brought popularity and polish to an otherwise obscure hobby practiced by culinary eccentrics across the country.”
– Chile Pepper

“We’re having a heat wave, and the weather has nothing to do with it.  It’s because Jennifer Thompson wants to take us ‘mouth surfing’ through the world of hot sauces.”
Minneapolis Star Tribune

“If you want your food to have color and rhythm and your flavors to sing out – Hot Licks is for you…some of the best hot sauce recipes in print.”
– Mark Miller

“Jennifer’s Hot Licks was more important on our bus than the owner’s manual.”
– Willie Nelson

Trail of Flame is written with wit and searing acumen”
– Suzanne Hamlin, The New York Times

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